miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

manchester boy


a la salida de un bar, mantuve parte de este diálogo:

syp: so... what do you do? what is your job?
manchester boy: well i am a guiyttegi*stmt
syp: i make a pardon, sorry, what?
manchester boy: i am a gynrte?*yist...
syp: oh sorry, i dont get it.
manchester boy: i am a doctor, a gynhgtrs doctor...
syp: what kind of doctor?, can you show it in your body? i mean, a skin doctor? maybe if you touch some part of your body, i might understand...
manchester boy: .... a gynaecologist
syp: oh i see, i got it! a gynaecologist!
manchester boy: yes, but also an obstetrician. part time each one.
syp: oh, i see, so you can see the origin of everything, and then the results...
manchester boy: yes, you could say so...

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